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State Member Benefits 2021-2022

AC 21-22 Member Benefits chart.jpg
  • Living allowance: The contracted amount of money paid in equal amounts each pay period throughout the term of service. A member may not receive more than the total amount in their Member Service Agreements. 

  • Education Award: Each AmeriCorps member is eligible to receive up to two full time education awards in their lifetime. This award is determined by term of service. It can be used towards past federal student loans or towards future education expenses through Title IV schools. The education award is awarded with 60 days of your successful completion of your education term.

  • National Service Forbearance: Members with qualifying federal student loans are able to put those loans into a forbearance , meaning no payments are required during your term of service. Forbearance requests are completed through  accounts. 

  • Accrued Interest Payments: Members with qualifying federal student loans and have those loans placed in National Service Forbearance, will qualify to have all accrued interest paid off at the end of the year through the National Trust. This is a taxable activity. 


  • Housing Reimbursement: Available only for members serving in a contracted full time capacity service position. And then only for a member paying rent or mortgage. Reimbursement of $200 will be provided monthly after receipt of payment is provided. 


  • Health Insurance: Any member serving in 1.) full-time status (40 hours per week) and 2.) serving at least a 6 month contract  is eligible for the Corps Network health insurance, which is provided through Cigna. 100% of the premiums are paid by Habitat for the members. More information here


  • Member Assistance Program (MAP): All Habitat Iowa members and their families are eligible to use the MAP (Member Assistance Program) which is a EAP program. This is program that allows members to access mental health counselors, life coaches, financial  advisors, lawyers and more. More information here



  • Training and professional development: Habitat for Humanity of Iowa provides training throughout the year. Members will also be provided training opportunities through the Midwest Habitat for Humanity Convention, the Iowa Nonprofit Summit and other conferences. Each member will be trained by their host sites to be successful in their service.

Taking time off- AmeriCorps State

Some flexibility is built into the calendar to accommodate sick and personal leave.  Members are ultimately responsible for ensuring they complete all service hour requirements.

Members should make every effort to maintain a regular service schedule. Personal appointments and time off should be scheduled around set service schedule and holiday breaks as much as possible. Members will be encouraged to stay on track to meet the minimum hours required per the member service agreement.



  • Follow the policy outlined by the member’s host site. If not policy is available, follow this policy

  • You are required to request TIME OFF at least 7 days in advance of the requested time off, unless it is due to illness or an emergency. You need to contact your supervisor for approval. Approved time off is subject to supervisory approval, department staffing needs and established departmental procedures

  • Members must also provide the supervisor with a screenshot or print out of the current hour status in OnCorps. Members must show that the average hours served is no more than 2 hours less than average hours needed to successfully complete. This is found in the OnCorps personal account at  

Checking Hours on OnCorps - AmeriCorps State

In Order to stay on track with member hours, members and supervisors should regularly check the member accounts on OnCorps, which displays the required number of hours per week, number of hours served on average, and number of hours required for successful completion. 

  • Log into OnCorps

  • Click the "+" symbol next your name to expand the panel

    • Avg/ WK Target (What you need to be successful based on your contract with no days off)

    • Avg/wk Current (What you have served based on turned in timesheets)

    • Avg/wk needed: (What you need to be successful by the end of the service term)