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AmeriCorps Job Shadowing

What is the Job Shadowing Program? 

All members are encouraged to participate in a job shadowing program. Members will learn about potential career fields and explore interests for their future. This activity is an allowable AmeriCorps activity and counts towards total training service hours. The job shadowing is not limited to Habitat for Humanity organizations. Instead members are encouraged to explore other organizations or businesses. 

Job shadowing can be useful in several ways, including helping someone decide whether they would enjoy and feel passionate about a career field. They will also find out if their skills match the career field of interest and whether their skills from school and other jobs might translate to this job. Because job shadowing is a short-term experience, it can be a great way to decide whether they want to pursue a particular career before applying for jobs or internships. 

Job shadowing also helps you develop contacts in your career field of interest. When shadowing someone who is competent in their field, members have the opportunity to gain a useful resource as they begin to seek and apply for jobs and internships.


Each job-shadowing experience can be different. However, they typically will follow an employee and observe them partaking in their day-to-day work and then sit down and have a guided conversation about the work, the culture, and more

How to Participate in the Job Shadowing Program: 

  1. Read through the How to Have a Successful Job Shadow guide. Consider taking a career aptitude test, if you do not know where to start.

  2. Complete the Job Shadow participation form (linked above)

    1. The job shadow does not need to be at Habitat specifically. Instead, it should be in field the member wants to work in.

  3. Work with Habitat Iowa staff to find a job shadowing placement

    1. (Katie Sylvis

  4. Formally ask and schedule a time to meet with selected contacts

    1. Members can use this prepared email to help with this.

    2. Make sure supervisors approve of this time away from the normal service schedule.

  5. Complete the Job Shadow questionnaire (linked above) with the selected employees of the interested career field.

  6. Report back to Habitat Staff and their supervisor on their experience through this reflection exercise at the bottom of the Job Shadow Questionnaire.

  7. This activity is counted towards training service hours.

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