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AmeriCorps Health Insurance


Who qualifies?

Any member contracted to serve and serving in full-time status (40 hours per week) and serving a contract 6 months or longer is eligible for the Corps Network health insurance, which is provided through Cigna. This is for individuals only. No family members. 

How do members sign up?

When members fill out their employment paperwork, they must opt in or out of the insurance. AmeriCorps Program staff will enroll that member based on their decision. After enrollment, the member is in charge of creating their online account to access insurance cards and other information.

If you need a new health care form, please contact 

How do members use it?

The Corps Network insurance is operated through Cigna. Once enrolled the member has cigna insurance and should go to to get started. It operates like all other insurance companies. Members schedule appointments with doctors in their network (check on and shows their insurance card located on 

For more questions about your Cigna Health Plan Coverage, call Customer Service at 1-800-244-6224 (24/7 including holidays). 

How much does it cost the member? 

Habitat for Humanity of Iowa pays 100% of the monthly premiums for the members ($475/month) and members are responsible for the small deductible and other out of pocket expenses after that. 

  • $0 - Monthly premiums 

  • $0 - Preventative care is free before deductible

  • $175 - Annual Deductible that must be met before other non preventative services start

  • $2750 - out of pocket maximum for in network work

  • 20% of costs after deductible has been met with a maximum of $2750 for the year

  • 20% of prescription costs

  • $20 co-pay for Urgent Care

  • $100 co-pay for Emergency Room

Detailed Medical Benefits Summary and other helpful information provided by Cigna

How do members get their insurance card?

Your ID card is available online at the myCigna® website or mobile app. Register for an account at or download the mobile app. On, look for the ID card link at the top right corner of your dashboard. We won’t be mailing ID cards, so make sure to print your ID card if you want a physical copy

How to play the scavenger hunt and win prizes?

In order to get members familiar with the website, the Corps Network/Cigna created an online scavenger hunt for members to plan. 


  • Complete the online scavenger hunt  when you  your ID number from your Program Administrator and after September 1 to be entered into a drawing for great prizes. 

  • Included with this letter is a set of helpful tips that can help ensure a smooth transition to your new Cigna health plan. Please read these tips carefully.

  • Throughout the year we’ll send you updates and resources about important health topics, including exercise, healthy eating and preventive care. We will partner with you to help improve your overall health.



If you are ending your service and losing your health insurance coverage, Via Benefits Insurance Services can help. Via Benefits is a free resource that offers you an online marketplace and personal shopping assistance to make it easier to understand your options and enroll in health insurance. We are not an insurance company, nor are we directly affiliated with any – so you get unbiased support and guidance in finding the right plan for you and your family.

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