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Using OnCorps

OnCorps is the timekeeping system for Iowa AmeriCorps programs. Timesheets need to be submitted and approved two times per month (every 12th and 27th of the month, supervisors have 2 days to approve the sheets). Pay dates are on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Resources Below

Accessing your account

  • Go to >

  • Select your Program year​ from the drop down menu
  • Scroll down to "Habitat for Humanity of Iowa"

  • Select "Member" or "Supervisor"

  • Usernames and Passwords:

    • Usernames are your first letter of your first name and your last name. Example: Katie Zellmer is kzellmer

    • Passwords are all temporarily set to “Building1”


Submitting a timesheet
  • Sign into OnCorps using the links at the top of the page (

  • Select a current timesheet 

  • Enter your hours served into each date. Separating training hours from direct service hours

  • Leave the comment selection “BLANK

  • ​Click "Authorize and Submit

  • You must submit your hours to the nearest 15 minutes. 

    • 45 Minutes = 0.75; 30 Minutes = 0.5; 15 Minutes = 0.25

  • Types of hours (Service, Training, and Fundraising)

    • Service hours: majority of the hours served

    • Training hours: time when being trained on something, cannot exceed 20% of your total maximum hours

    • Fundraising hours: allowable in only rare circumstances and require prior AmeriCorps Approval


Supervisors Approving a timesheet

​Supervisors need to review and approved timesheets twice per month. Supervisors are looking for accurate and timely timesheets. The time it takes for review is monitored in the OnCorps system. 

  • Each time a member submits a timesheet, a supervisor will receive an email with a link for approving

  • Sign into OnCorps using the correct link above

  • Select: Time Tracking > Member Service Hours > APPROVE or REJECT Member Timesheets

Supervisors Rejecting a timesheet

If a timesheet needs to be rejected due to errors, a supervisor must take action first.​ This can only be completed before it has been approved. If not, a supervisor will have to ask the program director to unlock the timesheet. 

  • Click "Time Tracking" tab

  • Click "Member Service Hours"

  • Click Filter Member Service Hours

  • Select your member

  • After that, supervisors will see all the timesheets and have the ability to Reject them. 

  • Member must fix and resubmit their timesheets

  • Supervisors must re-approve

Common mistakes on timesheets: 

  • Hours on holidays or weekends

  • Same number of hours each day. Example 8 hours every day for multiple weeks

  • Missing training hours from training or learning activities

Unlocking an already approved timesheet

If a timesheet needs to be rejected after it has been approved by a supervisor, a supervisor or member may ask to have it removed. Timesheets can be unlocked no more 90 days in the past. Any mistakes older than 90 days will remain and could be removed by authorities in the future. 

  • Notify the program staff of the incorrect timesheet with 90 days of the mistake

  • Answer why the timesheet needs to be fixed

  • If applicable, provide any supporting proof of the change

Timesheet Mistake Examples: 

  • Hours were accidently placed on a Sunday instead of Monday. 

  • All hours were placed in the training column instead of direct service column

  • Member served on a Saturday for a big project but forgot to put in those hours

Suspicious timesheet activities: 

  • Hours added to timesheet after completing service

  • Timesheets ending in exactly the hours required 1700, 450, 400 etc. 

  • Timesheets with same hours every day exactly

  • Changes requested with no explanation

Supervisor In-Kind Time Tracking

Video tutorial linked above

Written instructions here

For this grant period, supervisors are required to record and turn in hours spent supervising and/or participating in the AmeriCorps program. These hours are very important to the grant because they are used as in-kind match. The federal AmeriCorps grant requires a 50% match to pull down any federal funds that are used to pay the member living allowance, benefits, administration of the program, and pay of staff.

  • Each supervisor must provide a letter on organizational header with their worth in the form of an hourly dollar amount. This number includes - hourly wage, FICA, and benefits. This is shared with fiscal staff only for grant purposes. 

  • Each pay period, supervisor will submit an electronic time tracking form through the OnCorps System. 

Common Supervisor Activities: 

  •  Collect data and/or review data on member project/service results

  • Communicate with member(s) via email/phone

  • Communicate with sub-site supervisor on member progress/performance

  • Create/edit position description

  • Evaluate member(s) on project progress

  • Meet 1:1 with member(s)

  • Meet with Habitat Iowa staff about member progress/performance/hours

  • Meet with other staff about member progress/performance/hours

  • Plan a training session/event for member(s)

  • Recruit/interview/onboard new member(s)

  • Staff meeting (not regularly held but unique for member service)

  • Timesheet review/approval

  • Train member(s) on service-relevant topic

  • Time being trained by Habitat Iowa staff

  • Time doing activities for Habitat Iowa staff for the grant

Unallowable AmeriCorps Supervisor Activities to count as hours

  • Work alongside member

  • Hold regularly scheduled staff meeting where AmeriCorps members attend alongside regular staff

  • Make fundraising calls

  • Non-AmeriCorps activities/responsibilities

  • AmeriCorps prohibited activities such as advocacy and religious instruction

Taking time off

Some flexibility is built into the calendar to accommodate sick and personal leave.  Members are ultimately responsible for ensuring they complete all service hour requirements.

Members should make every effort to maintain a regular service schedule. Personal appointments and time off should be scheduled around set service schedule and holiday breaks as much as possible. Members will be encouraged to stay on track to meet the minimum hours required per the member service agreement.



Follow the policy outlined by the member’s host site. If not policy is available, follow this policy

  1. You are required to request TIME OFF at least 7 days in advance of the requested time off, unless it is due to illness or an emergency. You need to contact your supervisor for approval. Approved time off is subject to supervisory approval, department staffing needs and established departmental procedures

  2. Members must also provide the supervisor with a screenshot or print out of the current hour status in OnCorps. Members must show that the average hours served is no more than 2 hours less than average hours needed to successfully complete. This is found in the OnCorps personal account at  

Members and Supervisors can also use this excel sheet to help you understand and plan out hours. 


AmeriCorps Member Hours Calculator (2022/23)

time off.jpg

This box assumes members are serving their schedule hours found in their service agreement (40 hours per week). If not, these equations are incorrect and the time off is less. 

Accessing your account
Submitting a timesheet
Approving timesheets
Taking time off
Superviso Time
Checking Hours
Checking Hours on OnCorps

In Order to stay on track with member hours, members and supervisors should regularly check the member accounts on OnCorps, which displays the required number of hours per week, number of hours served on average, and number of hours required for successful completion. 

  • Log into OnCorps

  • Click Timesheets at the top menu

  • Click the "+" symbol next your name to expand the panel

    • Avg/ WK Target (What you need to be successful based on your contract with no days off)

    • Avg/wk Current (What you have served based on turned in timesheets)

    • Avg/wk needed: (What you need to be successful by the end of the service term)

Great Story Reporting

AmeriCorps Members share service experiences with Habitat Iowa by submitting Great Stories on OnCorps.


Great Stories can be written essays, photos, or videos highlighting your AmeriCorps experience with Habitat Iowa. 

  • Full-Time members must submit at least 2

  • Half-Time Members must submit at least 1-2

  • Quarter-Time Members must submit at least 1


These stories can be about your service, volunteers, or community members. If discussing Habitat families or volunteers, please changes names unless you have received permission to share their names. 

Steps to Submit:

  1. Go to 

  2. At the top hover over "REPORTING"

  3. Select "SUBMIT REPORTS"

  4. Select "GREAT STORIES

  5. Fill out the Greater Story Form

great story photo.png
Great Story
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