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excitement of helping people in my community - Alayna's Spotlight

Alayna Ritter served 6-months with our Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity team in Waterloo, Iowa as a Community Outreach Associate. Community outreach members serve to increase the awareness of local communities of Habitat services by creating educational materials, delivering presentations at community events, meeting with families to explain the Habitat programming, or serving with staff to ensure the office is welcoming space for families and volunteers to come. If you are interested in current open positions, Iowa Heartland is currently seeking Fall 2022 AmeriCorps members. (Learn more here.)

What inspired me to serve was the excitement of helping people in my community and being able to see the happiness in people's faces that their home was being refurbished or how they were getting a new home.- Alayna Ritter

- Alayna operating a community event. Coffee Corner is a free event which allows Iowa Heartland Habitat to connect with neighbors in its focus neighborhood that would like to apply for homeownership or critical repairs.

What I enjoy most about serving is the newness every day and how everyday can be a whole new learning experience. I also enjoy going to different work sites and working with the other volunteers, learning their story and being a team and working to get that big result. - Alayna Ritter
What I like most about my Habitat is the people, everyone is just so nice and supportive, but mostly funny and makes the environment fun! - Alayna Ritter

- Jenna Petersen, Alayna's supervisor (left) and Alayna, AmeriCorps member (right) waiting for homeowners to come learn more information at a Coffee Corner event.

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