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Leadership Certificate

What is the Leadership Certificate Program? 

This program will have members learn leadership skills and demonstrate them at their host sites. After completing a minimum of 10 hours training, 5 hours job shadowing, and demonstrating skills in public speaking and leadership on the service site, the member will receive this designation. All training can be completed through our quarterly AmeriCorps training. For members unable to attend our in-person quarterly training, can do the trainings virtually through our make up training session. 

Minimum Activities Required:

  • Participate in the Job Shadowing project – 4-5 hours

    • Complete the Job Shadow Questionnaire form that lists potential career interests and companies that interest them. The job shadow does not need to be at Habitat or nonprofit. Instead, it should be in field the member wants to work in.

    • Schedule a time to work along the person / company they are job shadowing. Members can seek out help from Habitat staff to make connections.

    • Complete the series of questions to ask employees of their interested career.

    • Report back to Habitat Staff and their supervisor on their experience through this reflection exercise.

    • This activity is counted towards training service hours.

  • Demonstrate public speaking skills through service (speaking to volunteers, day at the capitol, etc.) 1 hour

    • Complete the elevator speech training and activity sheet – turn into Habitat Iowa staff.

    • Demonstrate public speaking at their service site, other volunteer site, or school. Supervisor will send email to Habitat Iowa staff explaining when the member demonstrated public speaking.

  • Demonstrate leadership in their service site

    • Supervisor will sign off that members have demonstrated leadership at their service site by sending an email to Habitat Iowa explaining the occurrence of leadership.  

    • Examples: leading or training volunteer group; Presenting at a community event about Habitat; Participating in Habitat Day at the Capitol; Taking on extra duties

  • Complete the following training - 9.5 Hours

    • All training topics will be provided through Habitat Iowa hosted trainings. If a member is unable to attend hosted trainings, they will be required to do the make -up training and homework assignments that go with each training topic. Each topic can be found on the member training page (scroll down to make up training)  

      • Advocacy (1.5 hours),

      • Conflict Resolution (1 hour),

      • Emotional Intelligence (1 hour),

      • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion + Redlining (2.5 hour),

      • Employability Skills (1 hour),

      • Volunteer Engagement (1.5 hours),

      • Board of Director Skills (1 hour)

  • Complete this guided reflection (linked above) about what you have learned from this experience - 30 minutes

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