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To learn how to be a leader- Nick's Spotlight

Meet Nick Legue who joined our Habitat for Humanity of Iowa AmeriCorps Mobile Response Team (MRT) in January. Nick is a local addition to our team moving from Iowa City to join us in Cedar Rapids. When he first got started, Nick was asked a series of questions.

What inspired you to serve? "To learn how to be a leader, and to help others that are in need."

What do you enjoy most about serving with Habitat for Humanity of Iowa? "Working with people from different walks of life and learning how to help others in the process."
Fun Fact about Nick: "currently practicing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and makes a fantastic Cajun Chicken and Rice."

Nick is already dreaming about life after AmeriCorps and looking at conservation corps or possibly a career in construction.

L to R - Nick Legue, Nate Eckstrom, Elizabeth Voykto (members) and Les Gunderson (MRT Construction Leader)

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