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There is a lot in making a house look even and neat

Meet Nate Eckstrom. Nate is joining our team all the way from Pennsylvania and serving with the #AmeriCorps Mobile Response Team headquartered at Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity. Nate has joined our small but mighty team for a year before pursuing a law degree back home in Pennsylvania. He is learning a lot about affordable housing and that “there is a lot into making a house look even and neat”. Nate joined the team right after we left our disaster deployment in St. Louis so he hasn’t been able to join the disaster team just yet, but we know he is a hard worker and will make a great addition to the team when we are called up for a future natural disaster.

What inspired you to serve?

Helping people who cannot afford housing.

What do you enjoy most about serving?

I enjoy being around my team, even though it is small. I enjoy learning new skills as well.

What does your typical day look like?

Getting up early to go to the office and take off to other towns other than Cedar Rapids. Lately, we have been going up to Waterloo and doing demolition work.

What do you like most about your Habitat for Humanity?

I love how Habitat is out there to help those who cannot afford housing that is not Habitat-owned.

What is one thing you learned in the last month?

There is a lot in making a house look even and neat.

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