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Meeting new people & learning along the way truly is so rewarding!- Shayley's Spotlight

Today, our #MondayMemberSpotlight is featuring Shayley Hunt. Shayley served a 3-month term as a construction AmeriCorps member with Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity. Now that her term is complete, Shayley will return to school in Bemidji, MN with a major in Environmental Studies and minor in Indigenous Sustainability Studies.

Shayley (in blue) teaching a volunteer to use a chop saw. "It was so awesome seeing how excited she was to learn new skills and working with tools she had never used before! It reminded me of the same feeling I had when I first started serving with Habitat. I had never used any tools either!"

When asked what inspired her to serve, Shayley shared

I wanted to do something more meaningful during my summer break rather than just working a traditional job. I have always had a desire to serve, especially within a community which is so close to my own. When the opportunity to serve with Habitat arose, it seemed like a perfect fit!.”

Shayley (in Blue Habitat shirt on right) and her group of volunteers visiting from Mongolia.

One of Shayley's activities was working with volunteers on a Habitat construction site. One exciting group was part of an exchange program (World Link Inc.) visiting from Mongolia. Shayley said "I loved getting to work with them, get to know them, and learn all about Mongolia! I truly made lifelong friends with all of them- we all added one another on social media and Eñe and I were already talking about me taking a trip to Mongolia to visit! Days like that one are the reason I love serving with Habitat! Meeting new people and making connections, while learning along the way truly is so rewarding!"

If you are interested in current open positions, Habitat Iowa is seeking Fall 2022 AmeriCorps members just like Shayley.

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