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their own unique reason for doing what they do

Today, we are highlighting Kenzie Meyer, a member joining us from Waterloo, Iowa. Kenzie started her service at @Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity as a Community Outreach member in October. During her year of service, Kenzie will be working on sharing the story of Habitat with local families and organizations. Since starting as an AmeriCorps program, Kenzie has been enjoying

“networking and meeting new people. It’s interesting to hear different stories and ideas from others in the neighborhood. I love seeing what these neighbors do in their church groups and coalition meetings and development meetings.”

What inspired you to serve? "I wanted to help those who were lower income have the opportunity to a happy and healthy life. I grew up in a low-income home with one parent and it was hard. If I have the opportunity and ability to help those who went through what I went through, I’ll help immediately."

What does your typical day look like? Since she is just starting out Kenzie spends a lot of time, reaching about neighborhoods and foundations. Reading through history of CCDA and other organizations and what they do in the community. Kenzie also gets to attend neighborhood events and meetings.

What do you like most about your Habitat for Humanity? "The staff is amazing and supportive. Each of them have their own unique reason for doing what they do to contribute to the neighborhood and organization. They’re so polite and people I aspire to be like."

What is one thing you learned in the last month? "I learned a lot about the micro-grants ... Each micro-grant is used for an event or some sort of club or anything the neighbors can think of that can help bring the community together to fellowship with one another and to support one another."

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