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broaden my knowledge as I continue my education- Sam's Spotlight

Today, our #MondayMemberSpotlight is featuring Sam Torrens. Sam is serving his second summer term as a construction AmeriCorps member with Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity between semesters at Iowa State University.

When asked what inspired him to serve, Sam shared “I was seeking construction experience to broaden my knowledge as I continue my education as a future architect.”

If you are interested in current open positions, Habitat Iowa is seeking Fall 2022 AmeriCorps members just like this member.

What do you enjoy most about serving? Learning new things every day and being able to have a more hands-on experience

What does your typical day look like? I drive to a site and work with a team volunteers and construction managers to build affordable housing for families in need

What do you like most about your Habitat for Humanity? The people that work here provide a positive work environment and there is a large pool of volunteers

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