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knowing that I will impact someone's life in a big way.- Becky's Spotlight

Today we are celebrating the AmeriCorps service of Becky Lodestein. Becky has been a steady force on the family services team for the past 4 years at Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity. Since joining, Becky and her team have been of helping over 800 families through the Habitat programming. In Becky’s role, she assists families through the home selection process, coordinating sweat equity hours, and much more.

Habitat Iowa staff has always known to count on Becky as a hard-working team member who always willing to jump into the work. She is an incredible force for good for the Des Moines community.

When asked, Becky’s supervisor, Les Stohs, shared, “Becky has been an awesome addition to our team. We are sad that her final term is ending, but are thankful for her past service! In her time here, she has had a hand in helping over 800 families in our home preservation program. We wish Becky nothing but the best in her future.”

Learn about Becky’s AmeriCorps experience:

What inspires me to work at Habitat for Humanity? Coming to work every day knowing that I will impact someone's life in a big way.

What do I like about serving at Habitat for Humanity? I love working with my Habitat family. We are a hard-working bunch of people, but we also know how to have fun in the process.

Over the last 4 years what is a favorite or impactful moment that stands out to me?

Helping get a young wheelchair bound cancer patient get a ramp so he can get in and out of his home easier.

What have I learned from my experience?

I have learned that even through the tough times we've had with Covid I've still been able to make someone's life easier and made it possible for them to stay in their home.

What advice would I give to new members coming to Habitat for Humanity? Learn, work hard, be compassionate, have fun. Enjoy your time with your Habitat family and carry these experiences with you throughout your life.

If you are interested in joining the team at Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, check out the open positions here,

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