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Mobile Response Team

What is MRT?

Habitat for Humanity of Iowa’s AmeriCorps Mobile Response Team is an AmeriCorps funded resource for Iowa Habitat Affiliates and Volunteer Iowa. The MRT’s primary focus is disaster preparedness and response. Its secondary priority is assisting with non-disaster related housing needs in communities across Iowa. The team consists of 1 construction supervisor and AmeriCorps members throughout the year. Think of the team as a group of volunteers able to travel to your affiliate when needed. 

How to reserve the team: 

Affiliate staff can either complete the application above or call/email Habitat Iowa staff to go over the form together. Katie Sylvis is the current AmeriCorps program director and is available at 515-344-3790 and

How to utilize the team:

When the team is not on deployment for a disaster, they are available to serve at affiliates across the state of Iowa. Example activities for the MRT could include new house builds, home repairs, ramp builds, volunteer coordination, blitz builds, and more. Disasters will always take precedence even if an affiliate has already reserved the team for that time.

Affiliate Responsibilities:

Affiliates who take on the team must provide the listed resources. While providing food in not required it is highly encouraged. In the past affiliates have partnered with local churches, non-profits, or camps to meet these needs.


Local Affiliates must provide:   

  • Sleeping location (when traveling longer than 1 hour and have more than 6 hours of work)

  • Access to a kitchen and shower daily (when traveling longer than 1 hour and have more than 6 hours of work)

  • Mileage reimbursement for MRT travel (1 round trip per week provided)

  • Donated food as much as possible


Habitat Iowa will provide:

  • Cots and bedding

  • Coolers for food storage

  • MRT Vehicles and Trailers

  • Any requested tools

  • PPE

  • Members will be responsible for their own food when food is not donated.

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